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Customer: 1. How I place my order?
T&H: 1. Talk about your needs and price;   2. Provide bag design and printing design;   3. Pay proofing fee;    4. Sample confirmed and start production;   05. Payment of the 30% deposit;   6. Inspection and pay the balance money;   8. Shipments. And aftermarket start.  =)

Customer: The material of paper bag?
T&H: The most commonly used paper material: white cardboard, kraft paper, black paperboard, copperplate paper and specialty paper.  =)

Customer: How much if i want to do one sample and how long? 
T&H: In general, our proofing fee is 50 usd, and this cost include express cost to your address, proofing time need 7 days and shipping time also need 7 days.  =)

Customer: What is the production time?
T&H: Takeing 100,000 bags as an example, when customer confirm sample, and pay the despoit, need about 15-20 days.  =)

Customer: What is the shipping way?
T&H: In general,  we by sea, but if customer qty is not more and urgent, also can by air.  =) 

Customer: How can i contact you?   
T&H: Pls send your question and product info to our email, and we will reply to you soon when we start work, and our time is Beijing Time.  and you also can send to our whatsapp number.  =)